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So I really cannot say enough great things about Shameika’s work! I enlisted her makeup services for my wedding day for myself and my entire bridal party. Even though I already knew I would be in good hands, the final product totally exceeded anything I could have ever expected. I think it’s safe to say that every bride wants to look perfect and feel beautiful on her special day and I certainly had never felt as stunning as I did that day. Shameika chose a look that perfectly fit me and complemented my hair and gown to add “just enough” drama without over-doing it. She did the same for all 4 of my bridesmaids and my mom; the colors and everything were perfect without ever having done a consultation with them. I remember being so excited and happy seeing how beautiful we all looked. I promised everyone that for that one day they would get to look like ANTM and that’s exactly what they got! I cannot count how many compliments I got and am still getting about how gorgeous we all looked and how flawless my makeup was. The best part was that it looked that way for the ENTIRE day. By the end of the reception it was still beautiful and not all greasy and shiny which I hate. I finally got my wedding album last week and the makeup looked even better in the pictures than I had remembered. Needless to say, I was SOOO happy with Meika’s work and would definitely recommend her for any occasion. I almost want to get married all over again because that was the last time my face ever looked so good! lol